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Democratizing CAD Data Using Advanced CAD Viewers

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Who Needs Yet Another CAD Viewer?

Every product engineering team needs the ability to quickly and easily communicate 3D design data and 2D drawings not only among core team members, but also with manufacturing, engineering, suppliers, service operations and other participants in the extended value chain. Effective information sharing streamlines and improves collaboration and facilitates better and faster decision making within the enterprise and through the extended supply chain.

We often discuss CAD viewers and similar data access tools in the context of “data democratization”: the need to “free” precious data locked in a product data management (PDM) system, a product lifecycle management (PLM) system, or another type of file system for which one needs a specialized, often complex and usually expensive software.

Although practically all CAD and PLM software packages include a free 3D viewer, these viewers are typically attached to and enterprise software license: only authorized users can use them. Consequently, 3D viewers are not available outside the engineering team because the full license is too expensive, and, besides, why would a non-engineer need CAD license anyway? Read More

Connected Car Challenge

Connected Car Challenge Winners – Where Are They Now?

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What is the Connected Car Challenge?

In late 2017, I introduced the idea of the Connected Car Challenge to the Vehicle IoT Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International).

The Connected Car Challenge is an open innovation competition. Participants—small, early-stage startup companies and individuals—propose, build and demonstrate an innovative connected-vehicle device, system, or application that demonstrates how vehicle connectivity can contribute to changing and improving mobility, quality of life of individuals and communities, and the environment.

The final stage of the competition took place during SAE’s WCX conference in April. Generous support from Amazon AWS, Dassault Systemes Solidworks and SAP Automotive allowed SAE to award the three winners substantial cash awards of  $10,000, $5,000 and $3000.

The motivation to hold the Connected Car Challenge is obvious. The auto industry is undergoing massive changes that will continue to shape its future for many years to come. More than ever before, technology and business innovation are coming not from the R&D and engineering department of traditional automakers and suppliers but from new entrants into the space. And while nontraditional megacompanies such as Intel, NVIDIA, and Google are driving much of the conversation, still much comes from small startups and even individuals. Nearly everyone is familiar with the mega-acquisition of Mobileye by Intel, but this is but one—albeit an exceptionally significant one—of many more to come. Read More

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Digital Twins: Is More Better?

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The Digital Twin

A digital twin is a live digital representation of a physical asset. It is a cyber-physical mockup that represents both the physical instance and its broad business context in which it operates, from inception to end of life.

The digital twin acts on behalf of connected physical objects by receiving alerts and notifications, sending instructions and updates, and providing real-time information on their state and health to the owners, operators, and maintainers of these assets.

The digital twin is an integral part of the assets’ lifecycle activities. Beyond enabling remote connectivity and control flow, a digital twin must be able to curate a rich decision-making context of a broad spectrum of information and lifecycle activities such as configuration, service entitlement, and maintenance and upgrade history.

Can I Get One, Too?

Read More

PTC Rockwell Partnership

PTC and Rockwell Automation Partnership: A New Era of PLM Competition Begins

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PLM software vendor PTC and factory automation equipment maker Rockwell Automation recently announced  a partnership agreement. As reported, Rockwell is making a $1 billion equity investment in PTC to acquire 10.6 million newly-issued PTC shares and will become its third-largest shareholder. Rockwell will also get a seat at PTC’s board of directors.

This partnership is significant and will change the balance among the top-tier PLM and factory automation vendors for years to come. Read More

Triple Self Portrait (Norman Rockwell, 1960)

Beyond the Digital Twin: From Equipment Monitoring to Better Decision-Making

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Enterprise digital transformation initiatives that exploit the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) are expanding the boundaries of newly-created managed networks of connected assets spread over large geographical areas.

Fundamentally, the industrial IoT helps asset owners to move away from traditional routine maintenance schedules and visual inspections and invest in new methods such as remote asset tracking and monitoring. Product organizations initiate highly optimized data-driven operations to drive greater efficiencies and cut costs of asset management and maintenance.

But forward-looking organizations do not stop there. They evaluate and deploy cyber-physical models that provide unprecedented visibility, insight and decision-making capabilities to optimize existing operations, and for new value creation through innovative customer-centric engagements and new revenue streams. Read More