On PLM (In)Compatibility

Data Access

Long-term Product Data Retention

I have been doing some work lately around issues of long-term product data retention: how long companies retain product data, the laws and policies – existing and upcoming – that regulate these practices, and whether the frequent releases of CAD and PLM software impact the ability of product data owners, and … continue reading »

Boards Not Thrilled With CIOs

Boards Want Better IT Information

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and reported by CIO Magazine, many board members are dissatisfied with quality of information they get from their CIOs. Directors want the CIO to give them more and better information, especially about IT risk. According to the report, only 13% of board … continue reading »

I-Cubed Acquires Akoya, Adds Cost Analytics Capabilities

Cost Analytics Helps Getting More From PLM Data

I-Cubed, a product lifecycle management (PLM) and data migration services company headquartered in Raleigh, NC, announced today the acquisition of Akoya, a provider of cost analytics and supply chain optimization software for an undisclosed sum (both companies are privately held). Akoya, based in Chicago, provides patented product … continue reading »

TED: Trivializing the Vision of the Internet of Things

TED Vancouver

Nicholas Negroponte, the MIT Media Lab founder spoke at TED Vancouver this week, sharing his vision of the Internet of Things. He was quoted by by Liz Gannes to say “I look today at some of the work being done around the ‘Internet of Things’ and it’s kind of tragically pathetic.” Negroponte was an early … continue reading »

Method to Reduce No Fault Found Rates

Service Technician Develops a Robust Method to Reduce No Fault Found Rates in PCBs

No Fault Found (NFF) is a notoriously difficult problem. Also referred to as no trouble found (NTF) and no problem found (NPF), the term and associated metrics are used to describe a phenomenon where a service technician replaces a part in … continue reading »

The Biggest Losers: Facebook Acquires WhatsApp; Wireless Carriers Lose


Facebook Paid $16B for WhatsApp. Lessons for  M2M and the Internet of Things Companies

In its biggest transaction of this kind so far, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a messaging start-up with $300 million of revenue at best, for $19 billion in cash and stock. Breathless headlines and endless analyses and speculations continue to debate the … continue reading »

Ford Leads in Design for Repair


New F-150 Truck Demonstrates Value of Design for Repair

Design for repair is a rare practice among most product companies. Design for Repair refers to the practice of architecting a product and incorporating certain features that make field and depot repair faster and cheaper. Several years ago, a well-known manufacturer of laptop computers experienced a … continue reading »

Could Electric Cars Threaten the Grid?

Power Grid

Will demand for charging electric cars exceed supply?

One interesting and often controversial topic is the potential impact of a large number of electric vehicles roaming the street and humming along the highways on the utility grid. There are differing opinions about how many electric vehicle (EVs) are actually going to be sold, ranging from … continue reading »

The Internet of Things vs. Justin Bieber

Machine to Machine vs. Internet of Things

The IoT Injects New Blood Into M2M’s Veins

The Internet of things (IoT) and its close relative, Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) continue to capture headlines. Connected homes and wearable computing, both part of the IoT sphere, were showcased at the recent International CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and, more recently, … continue reading »

Automotive Service Revenue Will Increase

Revenue Growth

Automotive Dealers Anticipate Growth in Service Revenue

Recent dealerships survey conducted by Automotive News clearly shows that automotive dealers see service operations as an important source of revenue, almost on par with new car sales.       Considering the cyclicality in new car sales, it is prudent to invest in increasing headcount and advanced service tools … continue reading »