If You Build It (Using Machine Learning) Will They Come?

If You Build It

Autodesk Claims Machine Learning Technology Will Transform 3D Engineering

Autodesk announced recently the availability of a shape-based search capability in A360. A blog article titled How Machine Learning Will Transform 3D Engineering describes the new capability, called Design Graph, as a “Google search-like functionality for the world of 3D models.” Google search functionality is probably the wrong … continue reading →

PLM Redefined: PLM-ALM Integration


PLM-ALM Integration

In the first article in this three-part series, Why Do Software Bugs Continue to Plague Products?, I described how the proliferation of complex control software in most modern industrial, commercial and personal products are challenging product companies, and the expectation that engineering issues and quality snags will not only persist, but, in fact, … continue reading →

Ethical and Societal Implications of Automated Vehicles

Drriverless Car Mercedes-Benz

(The following is the transcript of my opening remarks at the Ethical and Societal Implications of Automated Vehicles Panel at the Autonomous Vehicle Symposium.) Whenever we discuss autonomous vehicles: what are the desired behavioral models?  how can we design them to make the right decisions?  we place the car at the center of the problem definition: … continue reading →

IoT: Build or Buy?

IoT Ecosystem

Should You Build Your IoT Solution or Buy it?

Heard recently on the web: Should you build your own Internet of Things (IoT) or buy it? As you might expect, the question (and the answer), sponsored by an IoT platform vendor, were self-serving. Earlier today, I received a note about a research that maintains that … continue reading →

Tesla: The Public as Crash Test Dummies

Crash Dummies

The recent fatal collision involving a Tesla car while in Autopilot self-driving mode, followed by another major crash a week later, and multiple less dramatic rear-end collisions, are calling attention not only to the state of autonomous-driving technology itself but also to the public perception and trust in self-driving cars. Developing autonomous driving capabilities that … continue reading →