Connected Cars: Circling The Wagons

Wild West Wagon Circle

TU-Detroit, Five Years Later

The recent TU-Detroit telematics conference that took place in June was markedly different from its predecessor, TU-Detroit, a few years ago. Participants of that conference thought the connected car space resembled the Wild West, referring the onslaught of new connected car technologies, many from companies not traditionally associated with the highly … continue reading →

Reaching a Critical Mass of Connected Cars

Connected Cars

On the Voice America radio show Coffee Break with Game Changers on June 11, I argued that a “critical mass” of connected cars must be reached before we can realize some of the more important and exciting possibilities offered by connected cars, such as improved active safety, reduce traffic congestion and improvement in air quality. … continue reading →

Connected Cars: “It’s The Wild West Out There”

Wild West

TU-Automotive Connected Car 2015 Pre Conference Review

The connected car industry continues to be in a state of flux and there’s no end in sight. The availability of a standard vehicle data port and built-in connectivity is fueling a wave of technology and business model disruptions, creating new opportunities not only for traditional OEMs and … continue reading →

Service Technicians: Don’t Call Us Clueless

Lonely Maytag Repairman

The Helpless Service Technician

Service lifecycle management (SLM) continues to grab headlined, as product companies are seeking new revenue sources and means to enhance product differentiation. I receive demonstrations from SLM vendor and attend and speak at SLM conferences on a regular basis. Many of these conversations and presentations center on guiding the service technician … continue reading →

Libelium: Wiring The Internet Of Things From Spain


Libelium and a Vision of Smart Cities

One does not usually think of Spain as startup nation (see postscript The Gain in Spain, below), but a small Spanish company Libelium has been getting much attention, especially in Europe, thanks in no small part to its young charismatic CEO Alicia Asin Pérez. Libelium specializes in sensors … continue reading →

PTC Expands the ThingWorx Platform, Adds ColdLight Analytics


PTC LiveWorx 2015 concluded earlier this week. PTC brought together a good mix of users and prospects, technology vendors and systems integrators, analysts and the press, in a series of presentations and discussions that created much enthusiasm and probably greater expectations from PTC as it seeks to establish a leadership position in the Internet of … continue reading →

The Internet of Things at COFES 2015

COFES 2015

You see these headlines frequently: “By year 2020 there will be [insert a very big number here] devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)”. And these numbers usually represent a significant range; for instance, from 26 billion (Gartner) to 41 billion (ABI Research). Estimates of IoT’s “economic impact”—in itself not a consistently defined term—also … continue reading →

Wearable and Mobile Technology in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Vuzix M100

The 2015 MHI Annual Industry Report conducted by MHI and Deloitte Consulting reveals that while smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices have become ubiquitous, their use in manufacturing and warehousing application is predominantly in performing basic tasks such as order picking, item tracking, and similar activities.  According to the survey, the use of mobile technology … continue reading →

Artificial Intelligence or Real Stupidity?

Artificial Intelligence

A recent blog discussion and the ensuing discussion reminded me a lesson I learned many years ago when I was involved in developing artificial intelligence (AI) expert systems. I built expert systems to troubleshoot failures in highly engineered systems such the General Eclectic T700 turboshaft engine, a commercial high speed (at last for that time) … continue reading →