Connected Car Challenge

Connected Car Enthusiast? Inventor? Hacker? We’ve Got a Challenge for You!

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We’ve Got a Challenge (and $10,000) for You

SAE International is the world’s largest professional association of over 128,000 automotive and aerospace engineers worldwide.

The Vehicle IoT Committee of SAE is inviting you to participate in a Connected Car Challenge.

During the Challenge, participants will propose, build and demonstrate an innovative connected-vehicle device, system, or application that demonstrates how vehicle connectivity can contribute to improving mobility, quality of life of individuals and communities, and the environment.

Finalists will be invited to present their innovation at WCX: an annual gathering of over 12,000 automotive executives and practitioners in Detroit, MI, on April 12, 2018. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges and will receive substantial cash awards:

  • First Prize: $10,000 cash award
  • Second Prize: $5,000 cash award
  • Third Prize: $3,000 cash award

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Your Car Is Not your Wallet; And It Isn’t Your Health Monitor Either

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From time to time I review technical papers on mobility topics that range from artificial intelligence in autonomous driving to future mobility models.

Earlier today, I reviewed a paper describing a driver health monitoring system. The concept has been proposed in the past in various forms of sensors built into the steering wheel, the seat cushion or the back rest to monitor the driver’s vital signs and detect signs of stress or an impending heart attack or a stroke.

Setting aside the technical challenges in implementing such a system—which are numerous—my view of a health monitoring system built into car is similar to my point of view expressed in a previous blog post, in which I discuss vehicle-based payment applications. Read More

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Automakers are Wrong: Your Car Is NOT Your Wallet

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A  Forbes article titled Your Car Is Your Wallet: Connected Cars And The Future Of Fintech describes a not-so-distant future in which you zip through toll booths, refuel—or recharge, as the case may be—your car, pick up an order at your favorite drive-through restaurant, or park your car, all without having to rummage through your wallet for cash or a credit card.

These and copious other conveniences offered by connected cars are quickly becoming a reality. Automakers incorporate a growing number of payment applications directly in the car’s infotainment system, offering simplicity, convenience, and added safety of mobile payments directly from the vehicle.

Automakers and fintech pundits alike use the phrase “your car is your wallet” to describe this idea. It is intriguing and convincing, for sure. But it’s also out of alignment with consumer habits and expectations. Read More

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Billionaires Do Not Read the News

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New Dyson Electric Car Will Feature ‘Some’ Autonomous Technology

According to an article in Auto Express, famed vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson will build an extended-range electric car. Sir James Dyson confirmed that he is investing two billion pounds in the electric car venture in 2020 at a new campus on an abandoned World War Two airfield in Wiltshire. The new car will use Dyson’s solid-state battery technology and will feature ‘some’ autonomous technology.

Dyson told Auto Express that he has had a vision for an electric car for almost 20 years, and that his company will “go it alone” on developing the new vehicle, because he sees nothing that existing car manufacturers could bring to the process.

Sounds familiar?

Do Billionaires Not Read the News?

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