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Stop Thinking of Cars as Computers on Wheels

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Is a Car Really Just a Computer on Wheels?

I am sure you have heard it before: your car is just a computer on wheels. It’s an opinion most common among the numerous startups and entrepreneurs with minimal industry experience attempting to jump on the automotive innovation bandwagon. I heard it again last week at an industry panel I participated in.

It’s true that modern cars incorporate a growing number of powerful computers that control most vehicle operations and interactions with driver and passengers, and with the outside world.

But whether thought-provoking or plain cute and trying to impress the audience, the assumption that these computers render a car as not much more than a powerful computer on wheels is not only inaccurate, it can be self-limiting and leading those new entrants astray. Read More

The Great Wave off Kanagawa (Katsushika Hokusai, 1832)

Digital Disruption: Shaping the Future of the Auto Industry

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Industry in Turmoil

Automakers have been keeping a steady pace of technology innovation and manufacturing excellence for over a century. Since the breakthrough of the highly efficient assembly line, auto manufacturers were in the forefront of engineering innovation, designing and building cars that were successively better, safer and cleaner. For many decades, the industry has been at the center of the US economic development, and, to many, an industrial and social icon.

But over the past decade or so, the iconic and seemingly stable industry has been in turmoil. It has been undergoing massive changes caused by the cumulative effect of rapid technology innovation, disruptive business models, aggressive new competitors, and an emerging supply chain ecosystem whose full impact is not fully comprehended yet.

One of the most profound changes the auto industry is grappling with is the emergence of connected and autonomous cars. Most industry visionaries and practitioners portray a bold vision of a future in which cars, occupants, and cloud-based information and control systems communicate and exchange information in the omnipresent Internet of Things cloud. Cars are becoming part of the Internet, or, in today’s parlance, they are yet additional, if unconventional, “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). Read More

Trading-In Your Car? Start on the Internet

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Not only new car buyers go to the Internet to find out prices, dealer incentives, and other information that helps them get a good deal for their money. A study by Dealer Rater found out the same tactics is as useful in negotiating a fair price for your trade-in.

The study asked participants if they used an online source to determine their trade-in’s value, and how it influenced their negotiation at the dealership: Read More

Connected Car Challenge

Connected Car Enthusiast? Inventor? Hacker? We’ve Got a Challenge for You!

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We’ve Got a Challenge (and $10,000) for You

SAE International is the world’s largest professional association of over 128,000 automotive and aerospace engineers worldwide.

The Vehicle IoT Committee of SAE is inviting you to participate in a Connected Car Challenge.

During the Challenge, participants will propose, build and demonstrate an innovative connected-vehicle device, system, or application that demonstrates how vehicle connectivity can contribute to improving mobility, quality of life of individuals and communities, and the environment.

Finalists will be invited to present their innovation at WCX: an annual gathering of over 12,000 automotive executives and practitioners in Detroit, MI, on April 12, 2018. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges and will receive substantial cash awards:

  • First Prize: $10,000 cash award
  • Second Prize: $5,000 cash award
  • Third Prize: $3,000 cash award

Read More