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SAP Leonardo: Intelligently Connecting People, Things and Businesses

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SAP Leonardo is the company’s new Internet of Things platform touted as a cloud-based “digital innovation system.”

SAP’s apt tagline: Intelligently connecting People, Things and Business, links the platform’s key constituents: devices, people and businesses to a portfolio of technologies and business services we have come to expect from an IoT business platform, such as device management APIs, big data, BPM, and analytics, and with the obligatory catchwords AI and machine learning sprinkled on top.

SAP Leonardo IoT

SAP Leonardo (Source: SAP)

The concept highlights SAPs strengths in integration and a rich portfolio of microservices that could potentially include billing, enterprise asset management (EAM), contract management, and other key services that make up a complete outcome-based IoT solution. It also includes the all-important business transformation services (which, for some reasons, are classified on Leonardo’s website as Design Thinking).

But you may have not noticed a point that I find critical and SAP does spend much time articulating, and that is people’s Experiences, at the very bottom of the image on the right. Read More

Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht and Digital Transformation

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What Happens to the Hole When the Cheese is Gone?

In my opening remarks at the Product Innovation Conference in Berlin, I talked about a famous Berliner, Bertolt Brecht. You might wonder what does the influential poet, playwright, and theatre director has to do with engineering, innovation and digital transformation?

One of the characters in Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children ponders a question worthy of an engineering conference: “What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”

But the motivation to mention Brecht in my opening remarks was another quotation: “Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” Read More

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“Uncool” Is Not a Business Problem

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How Cool is it to be a Gartner Cool Vendor?

So your company has been named a “cool vendor” in a recent Gartner report.  Once the celebration is over, you might want to pause to think about what does it really mean to be a cool vendor. What impact, if any, will this have (or should have) on your future?

What Does It Mean to be a Cool Vendor?

Gartner describes a Cool Vendor as typically a smaller, lesser-known technology or service provider that offers innovative and potentially game-changing and disruptive technology, business model, or service offering:
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The Persistence of Memory

Tesla Missed Forecast. Are you Surprised?

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Tesla Missed Q2 Forecast

Tesla Motors delivered 14,370 vehicles in the second quarter, missing its forecast of 17,000 units “due to the extreme production ramp in Q2 and the high mix of customer-ordered vehicles still on trucks and ships at the end of the quarter, Tesla Q2 deliveries were lower than anticipated at 14,370 vehicles, consisting of 9,745 Model S and 4,625 Model X.”

This should not come as a surprise. One of Tesla’s biggest—albeit least discussed—challenges is its struggling manufacturing supply chain.
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