Make Informed Design Decisions; Avoid Costly Design Mistakes

Webinar:  Chrysler, Jabil Circuits, Toshiba and  Whirlpool, avoid costly design mistakes by using a systematic approach to validating and improving product design

One of the topics I continue to research and advise manufacturing companies on is how to make informed design decisions early in the product lifecycle to improve product manufacturability and quality. In an upcoming webinar, I will disuses how numerous manufacturers, including Chrysler, Jabil Circuits, Toshiba and Whirlpool, use a systematic approach to validating and improving designs in order to reduce design iterations and accelerate time to market.

I covered the outcome of poor design decisions as reflected by the excessive number of avoidable engineering change orders (ECOs), depicted in the figure below, in a number of blog posts. The direct costs of suboptimal design are well documented:

  • Excessive design  iterations
  • Multiple tooling iterations and tool breakage
  • Longer manufacturing and assembly ramp up time
  • Unnecessary scrap, energy consumption, and other waste

Furthermore, if released to production, a poorly designed product will continue to plague the brand owner with excessive manufacturing costs, high service and warranty expenses, and tarnished brand image.

Market research shows that mature manufacturing companies use four key techniques to improve manufacturability and reduce the number of design errors and frivolous ECOs:

Improving Manufacturability

Improving Manufacturability

  • Frontload design decisions
  • Formalize and apply design and manufacturing process knowledge uniformly and consistently
  • Drive up reuse
  • Automate design checks and validation

In the webinar I will discuss the experience and the measured benefits at Chrysler, Jabil Circuits, Motorola SolutionsToshiba and Whirlpool and other manufacturers that use a formal design for manufacturing (DFM) process. I will discuss design for manufacturing excellence at Airbus, and propose a structured framework to help companies approach DFM systematically.